Married & Loving It 21 Day-Challenge




Wow, you have made an awesome decision to take the Married and Loving Experience
Challenge. You will love yourself for doing so. It is a simple, practical, and yet effective
way to take your marriage to the next level. Every marriage is an experience, the real
question is, what kind of experience is it? The Challenge is designed to create greater
connectivity and interaction between the two of you. It is going to be a great journey
for you as a couple. The ideal situation is that you go through it together and the result
will be a deepened marriage experience. If you spouse is not keen on going through the
journey then go solo for now and focus on enjoying the journey. When you are done or
while you go through it you will find the change that will take place in your life will cause
your spouse to be curious.

We need you to dedicate at least three hours a week to reading each weekly challenge
and doing the assessments and the prescribed practical. We are making use of science
and biblical foundations to help you build a great marriage. If you have an existing date
night schedule you can use that time to go through the material. If you don’t have a
regular routine of investing into your marriage then you are in trouble already, and this
will definitely help you get on course.

The challenge is a six week challenge that is designed to address some of the key areas
that help build a great marriage. Please print this document and bind it neatly, once you
have gone through the assessments fill in the information in the relevant slot at the end
of the challenge. Revisit the challenge after six months and do the assessments again
and see if you score higher. If the mark is higher in the second assessment then your
marriage is growing in the greatness of the experience. However, if your score drops then
you are headed the wrong way and you need an intervention soon. If you experience
frequents fights or tense moments during the process do not get discouraged, this is a
normal part of the journey. Just follow the rules of engagement that are tabled and
continue the process.

If you feel the tension is too much, take a break or involve a significant voice of a mentor
that you both look up to and have a conversation around the areas of contention. It’s
amazing how a neutral objective opinion can help bring peace in a volatile situation.
We want to help you build an experience that you will love and want to continue for the
rest of your lives. By the time you are done, you will be “Married And Loving It”.


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