Our goal is “Community transformation and poverty eradication through the training and equipping of transformational leaders”. We are here to help you discover and live out the plan of God for your life. Through the wide range of great resources available on this site, we desire to help you live in a wealthy place.

There are many people offering some kind of relief from the financial pressure that is prevalent in the world today and we are not in competition with them. All we seek to do is add value to you and give you some wisdom from Gods Word that has worked for many who have had access to our material.

Dr. Tich himself will be the first to admit that the Word of God has transformed his life. Growing up in difficult family setting, life were not in his favor until he had an encounter with God and his life was transformed.

He was called into ministry and served as a youth pastor, then later a branch pastor, and eventually sent to South Africa as a missionary in 2005. This was the beginning of the discovery of the gift and calling to transform nations. He then discovered his mandate to be a thought leader and equipper of many lives, particularly in the financial and business arena. This led to many books being written, the production of movies and the birth of a series of businesses.

Dr. Tich carries an urgent message for our generation that seeks to move people to a place where they experience a paradigm shift, which he believes is the key to living a transformative life. Every tool on this platform seeks to help you on this amazing journey.

Success Paradigms 101 Team

We hold the following values:

Integrity. We want to deliver what we promise

Excellence. We seek to go beyond the call of duty in delivering goods and services to you

Passion. We love what we do and we do what we love with passion

Empowerment. Ultimately, we want to empower you with tools that make a difference in your life

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